Picasso Fuel Economy Questionnaire

Please could  you be kind enough to  enter the details in of  your Picasso  economy figures below. Iím doing this because  I think my car is performing well below others. I 

If your Picasso  has radio controls in the center of the wheel then pressing the end of the wiper stalk should cycle the right display thru
Date / time 
distance since fill    
distance till fill
Average MPG since last reset  
Instant MPG
Average MPH since last reset
OVERSPEED setting and activation



Optional Questions


How to reset the Trip Computer
To reset the computer press and continue to hold in the button until system resets. About 5-10 seconds. This can be done with the engine running or OFF so you can reset the computer at anytime. Personally I do it when I refill the tank.

How to send this data to me:-

Option 1:-  Click onto  http://picassodata.awardspace.com   on the web and submit your data.  

Option 2:- Or you can txt your answers to 07896886031 in the following format order:- average mpg, average mph, average miles you travel to work, engine size and type.


Your can enter any comments/suggestions  about this website below.


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